UGL – Understanding Group leader

In over 20 years, UGL has been a basic course for prospective officers in the armed forces. The course has long since also been popular in business and public management.

Course description:

UGL is an experience based course where team members in a “stranger group” face different tasks they have to deal with and manage to solve. The course is in many cases based on scientific theories regarding behavioral science and psychology developed by Professor Susan Wheelan and the American psychologist Will Schutz.

Target group:

Managers and everyone who want to develop their leadership and teamwork. Staff who need to function and cooperate well in groups.

UGL is not a “team building course”, it is not appropriate to conduct the course with a homogeneous group from the same company or the same department. Differences in the group, a so called “Stranger Group”, gives better results. The group can consist of people with as much diversity as possible; age, gender, professional background, etc.




UGL course is conducted in the form of a residential training center for five days, Monday to Friday, with a presence throughout the entire course. The course is experiential, where group members are faced with different tasks they have to deal with and manage to solve. The course participant must complete tasks both individually and in groups and reflect and discuss experiences after implementation and draw conclusions from the feelings, thoughts and behaviors that occurred during the task.

The course offers a concept for just a week that gives participants practical experience and good understanding of leadership, teamwork, group dynamics, and increased self-awareness. Group composition based on alienation to meet participant’s needs for freedom from past performances or of dependent status after completion of the training, an important moral pillar of our group compositions.


The course content is woven together throughout the week to at the end be summarized. Course objective is for participants to be more effective in their interactions as group members and leaders. During the week, the following specific topics particularly distinguished.


Individual and group development

  • Individual and team development at different stages.
  • Understand the relationships and dependencies between people in a group.


  • Inventory and understanding of their own and others’ behavior, increased self-awareness and self-confidence.
  • Gain experience in group dynamic situations and understanding of my role in them.

Holistic approach to leadership

  • Adaptation of leadership to the group’s development.
  • Inventory of the different leadership styles of team performance.
  • Understand the need for leadership.


  • Understanding of own and others’ behavior during conflict.
  • Why conflicts arise and how these are managed.
  • Gain experience in conflict management tools.
  • Different conflict management styles.


  • Be able to take and give developmental feedback.
  • Communicate directly and clearly.


  • Gain experience of different forms of learning, individual and group.



    10-14 February
    7-11 April
    19-23 May
    8-12 September
    13-17 October
    1-5 December
    Pris: 22 995 kr.
Price: 22 995 SEK.


Good to know:
  • The price includes course fee, course materials and single room at training center.
  • UGL is a demanding course, so participants should be in good mental balance with themself and their surroundings. The course is applicable to personal development and therefore not suitable for resolving a personal in crisis or therapy.
  • The training is led by two of military certified instructors and conducted in groups of at least 8 and no more than 12 participants.
  • UGL is not appropriate to carry out any other way than the license allows.
  • UGL is not a “team building course,” it is not appropriate to conduct the course with a homogeneous group from the same company or the same department.
  • Supervisors shall be two and be with the group throughout the course period, there is no such thing as “intensive UGL”.