IAD works with strong expertise on a broad area. Our consultants are project managers, educators, economists, engineers, behavioral scientists, computer scientists, actors, lawyers, psychologists, entrepreneurs, inventors, sales managers, CEO’s and more.

It is this breadth of expertise and knowledge that makes it possible for us to offer our customers exactly the consultant or the team that is required for a particular mission.



Certified coach and consultant in communication. Annacarin has a background within theater, mainly as a director and acting teacher but also as an actor and performer on stage. After many years within the field of theatre she studied voice technique, communication, rhetoric, coaching and NLP (Neuro Lingvistic Programming) and is now certified Coach and Logonom.

Annacarin works with leadership and team development with her own concept to empower communication skills within communication, presentation technique and interaction for individuals, organizations and companies. She also works with leadership Coaching and executive Coaching.


Leadership Consultant with a focus on personal development, team building, crisis management. Bengt has worked as an officer for many years with management experience in various levels and positions. Certified UGL facilitator by the Armed Forces and in 1990 and was certified for UGL 2008. Also certified for SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) Premier Edition in 2003.  Bengt have, commissioned by the National Defence College, conducted training and recertification of existing UGL facilitator to UGL 2012.

He works with UGL, UL (Developmental Leadership), crisis management, SDI and other customized team building solutions / team building.



For more than 10 years, Berit has been involved in change management for organizations, teams, individuals, managers, leaders and sellers. She has experience from employment in communal services, the county council and private industry with positions as manager, regional manager, district manager, sales and rehabilitation consultant.

Berit is working with Lean Six Sigma, project management, top managment, organizational development, leadership and  management, change management, communication, conflict and more.



Leadership Consultant with a focus on personal development, group development and staff development. She us also trained and works with stress management and conflict management. Bi is certified UGL facilitator since 2001, certified instructor in the SDI (Strength Deployment Questionnaire) and GDQ (Group Development Qestionnaire).

She has 25 years experience as an actor in various theaters. Nowadays Bi is working 50% as a lecturer in aesthetic learning processes focusing on drama where group development and leadership are essential components. Forum Theatre is something that Bi frequently uses in team development, leadership and conflict management.




A senior Consultant with over 15 years of experience and knowledge to lead management development programs, executive coaching, change knowledge, process work, individual, group and organizational development, strategic recruitment and implement HR transformation in business.

Birgitta has extensive experience and knowledge to drive change assignments both as a manager and consultant.


Elizabeth Grahn has a diploma in systemic therapist & consultant and a master in social work with focus on organizational psychology. Elizabeth has over 20 years of experience in mentoring, coaching, team development, conflict management and transformation support. Psychosocial work environment surveys, project management training and leadership training programs have been and are common elements of her everyday life. E. has also delved into business intelligence and business development with processes. Elizabeth has a lot of experience with working in the public sector but also with the private sector.


Elisabeth has extensive experience in leadership roles such as project management and regional manager. She currently works with the manager and leadership development and streamlining of business.


Fredrik has a background in the IT industry and currently works as a business coach with coaching of management teams and senior managers in organizations.


Hans Hådding assists managers and employees to develop their skills in communication and leadership, to structure the organization and functions and to deal with human relationships. This ensures the conditions for maintaining and developing a more efficient business.

On behalf of the National Defence College, Hans Hådding developed the English (international) version of the course UGL (Understanding Group and Leader). He is also certified as UGL facilitator for the English version.






Certified Project Manager and Scrum Master with extensive experience in change management, mainly in IT management but also in other businesses.







Business Coach.









Leadership Consultant with a focus on personal development, group development and staff development.







Business Coach.









MBA who likes to work in change processes with problem solving, business analysis, simplification and improvement of procedures and processes and the adaptation of economic flows.






Senior HR Consultant specialized in management, communication, team performance, mental health/stress (HeartMath Provider), goal achievement and psychosocial work environment surveys. In the field since 1995. Currently coaching managers and teams to increase their health and performance in the work place, based on in-depth analyses (interviews, report, feedback to management, workshops for employees and action plan for change). Degree in psychology from the Human Resource Management program at Stockholm University.





Martin worked for 10 years with logistics and logistics development, including several years in senior management positions. Employers including Skanska, AGA and Syncron. Since 2002 he works with leadership training and development. He is licensed for the LET program (Leader Effectiveness Training) developed by Thomas Gordon.

Martin has a degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master’s degree in Behavioral Sciences, with a focus on team, leadership and organization.





Martin Johansson is a driven and highly experienced leader – with a genuine interest in people and focusing on change, development, performance and health. Since 2010 has worked in Sweden as a consultant focusing on leadership, business, skills and business development, complex sales, teaching and coaching. Has nearly 20 years experience as various management and project management roles in Sweden and in other countries where the focus has been on B2B sales and operational develop, implement and manage business development, leadership, customer, and sales skills. Martin believes that it is important that, focus on results, take responsibility, achieve commitment, encourage passionate debate, listen and build trust.




Has extensive experience as a consultant in management, restructuring, turnaround processes, projects, marketing and business plans, conflict resolution, coaching and development of commercial and technical products and strategic processes.

Mikael has the great ability to build and lead strong teams. Following the current academic research and processes related to business growth, team & leadership development (GDQ, SDI, UGL) and motivational psychology. Special focus on developing the company’s core values.

Mikael has well-developed analytical, visionary and strategic abilities. He’s thinking ahead and planning for long term growth.



Entrepreneurial and results-focused leader with extensive domestic and international experience, particularly in education, organizational development and IT. Motivational leader who have employees and clients with him. Much appreciated presentation technology. Has over 30 years experience as CEO, Education Consultant, IT developer, marketer and economist. Coach and mentor for the management and control groups, CEO and project manager. PMP certified.





Over 20 years of experience in consulting and training in project management, quality engineering, risk analysis and statistics.


Sven has more than 30 years of experience as a project manager, researcher, educator, author, lecturer and consultant. Unique project management experience with client project management, total project finance, audit and analysis, and reporting of JAS project.

Specialist in Earned Value for planning, management and monitoring of projects. Co-author of the book Project management and methods. IPMA First Assessor for certification of project managers in various industries. IPMA Validator for validating national certification organization within IPMA.


Leadership Consultant with a genuine interest in people and with a will to contribute to the development of managers, employees and the organization. 35 years of experience as a professional officer, with duties as a manager at various levels. UGL facilitator since 1988, certified for UGL 2012 and Certified instructor in LD (Leadership Development) and SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) Premier Edition.

Having implemented UGL courses since 1988. Also performs deeper UGL and customized team building solutions / team development.


Ylva has ten years experience in senior operational positions as an employee and ten years experience as a consultant, coach and self-employed. ICF ACC (associate certified coach).


Ylva has ten years experience in senior operational positions as an employee and ten years experience as a consultant, coach and self-employed. ICF ACC (associate certified coach).





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